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Stop Head moving on camera insteon 75790 when start


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Hi gang !


I installed at my sister's house 2 camera insteon 75790 that i connect to 2 insteon outlet. When she leave her house she press on a switch near the door. That give power to those outlet and those one start cameras.


She like that setup because she only use canera when she is not home.


The problem is when you power on those camera the head moving from left to right and from bottom to top before it will take is position.


It is a problem because after 3 month of start and stop those camera both have broken in the same week and have the same problem. Now when you powered them on they do the move from left ro right and after when they do the move from bottom to top they stuck there and they are record rhe roof.


I explain that to my provider and because they have the same age, same use time and same problem he accept to exchange those camera to 2 new 75790. He was kind because they were not warranty at this time (it took a while before install them but i use it only 3 months)


So my question is before i reinstall those one i would like to desactivate the head moving when you plug them for always. Because i am sure those one will also dead in 3 months if i keep that activate.


I check but i cannot find any way to desactivate that.


Anybody knows how to ?


Thank you for you time. It is appreciate

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Aside from the conversion about powering up / down the camera vs leaving it on all time ........... Under my Foscam cameras (Insteon?) under Settings, I have a section called PTZ. Under PTZ there is a startup option. Click to bring up the startup options and select "Disable StartUp". I haven't tried it but it sounds like it may do what you want.

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Each time you apply power to the camera, it will perform a POST (power on self test). There's no way to prevent that. Is there a problem with leaving the cameras power up 24/7?

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So I plugged in my Insteon Camera. Here's what to do:


1. Go to Device Management

2. Select PT Settings down the left frame

3. Uncheck "Center on Boot" and select "Save"


The camera will update the settings and reboot. Now when the camera powers up it will no longer do the self test. Or at least the camera scanning part.

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Hi !


Andy: ok i will try this when I reinstall them to her house and you know Here.


Stusview: yes there is a problem because she would only be record her house when she go out and I she can left anytime. So that way is a very quick way to start the camera just by hit a button to start them when she quit.


I will do the Andy's suggestion as soon as I will visit her.


Thank you

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Hi Andy :-)



I went to my sister's house and i check what you said.


"under Settings, I have a section called PTZ. Under PTZ there is a startup option. Click to bring up the startup options and select "Disable StartUp""


With this you are right on !


Thank you very much ! You don't know but you make my day :-)



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