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ISY Portal for remote programming.


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Hey Guys.


Sorry if this is a dumb question...


I have a friend who has a cabin in the woods.  He has a satellite internet connection as nothing else is available.  He has no way to allow inbound ports.


The ISY portal is fantastic, as he can run the Mobilinc app on his phone, and control stuff.


Is there a way for the admin console to access the ISY using the ISY portal?

That way I could do programming for him, without having to drive out to the woods.


(Trying to remote control his PC via a satellite connection is painful.)


Thanks, Nick.

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Hi Nick, here's how


One time config

  1. On the remote computer, browse to the portal: https://my.isy.io
  2. Enter your credentials and login
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Portal Login
  4. Select Go to my ISY --- and your ISY Web page will appear Edit: Portal interface changed, this step no longer needed
  5. Next to the ISY, pick Select Tool then Information, then ISY Information
  6. Copy the url next to Admin console URL
  7. Run the admin conoole and "catch" the finder before it moves to your local ISY
  8. Click Add, paste in the copied url
  9. Click save to save a copy of the config file .. java upgrades wipe it out


Normal operation

  1. Run the admin console and pick the ISY with the URL
  2. Tricky part: Enter your portal credentials in to the ISY loginnot your normal ISY credentials you

Its also constrained by the network to the building, especially that networks uplink speed back to the internet. The advantage is that its a client server set up.... it might take a while for things to load and save, like programs, but you should be ok once they are loaded. Be patient when the ISY starts up and when you first click the programs tab




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