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Can Not Restore Firmware After SD Failure


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On Thursday, my ISY-994i failed to come back up after a power failure.

I called technical support, and was told that the filesystem had become corrupted. They recommended that I get and install a new SD card, which I have done.

At this time, I am unable to get the unit to accept a restore of firmware. Both the ISY and Admin panel show version 5.0.4 in the "About" tab.

When I try to restore my 5.0.4 back-up, I get a pop-up that says "Upgrade Failed :Invalid or incompatible upgrade file".
I also received a pop up when I first logged in to the ISY that said"Could not open file [/CONF/ELKXPRT.XML] and [/CONF/PORTALS.PSF]"

At this point, I am stuck without a functional ISY.


With phone Tech Support, gone for the week-end, I'm hoping for an expert here with knowledge if this issue.



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Problem solved!


With a bit of searching, I found a really old thread from someone having a similar issue a long time ago.


I, like them, was trying to use the "Manually Update Firmware" option under help to load my back-up file.


Once I selected the correct option to "Restore ISY" under the File tab, all was (is) well!

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