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00:00:00 Time and EVERYTHING turnd on


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This is thought to be caused by battery operated Insteon devices, with their multiple signal sends, clashing with another signal being sent from ISY and creating an all on signal erroneously.


Check your programs for creating this condition.


Possible cures is to use scenes between battery devices and intended targets when immediate responses are wanted,


Insert wait delays before echoing responses from ISY.


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I do have some battery opreated water sensors and maybe 15 motion sensors, they all call programs, not items directly or scines directly. How do I put a wait delay before echoing responses from my ISY? I only know how to add wait to programs.


Hello Mario,


As you noted in your reply you can only place a *Wait* in programs but not if the devices are directly linked to other hardware devices. You may want to review this WiKi entry and see if there are any steps you can include into your Insteon network: http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=INSTEON_Random_All_On_Events

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