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Lights turning on unexpectedly


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I had this happen many times.

From the admin console query each device and see

- if the level changes

- what the level is

- if the combination of device levels matches any of your scenes.

- if the status changes of the devices are recorded in the ISY log.


I haven't had problems with this for a while but to my best guess I had a OnOff appliance module spitting out bad code that matched a scene I have. Most of the time the ISY log had an error from the device each time this happened.


The cure - I unplugged it a and plugged it back in. I haven't seen the problem since,

This is not conclusive but a good indication and only time will tell...never know for sure though.


Just power cycling every device may fix it for you but I would want to, at least, get a suspect device first.

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