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Replaced PLM now Echo can't find devices


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My PLM died and I had to replace that module. The ISY now sees the module and regular function are working.

Previously had thirty-one devices loaded through the portal that the Echo could find and control. After replacing the PLM the Echo can not find any devices. Deleted the devices from the Alexa ap and ran discover devices multiple times.

Any ideas why the ap can not find the devices that were previously loaded and if so, how to fix?

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This has not happened to me, but in your shoes I would:


1) Disable and then reactivate the 'ISY Optimized for Smart Home V2' skill in Echo (not the devices)


2) As an experiment, try deleting a device or two in your portal, and then adding them back in again to see if your Echo sees them after you do that.

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I doubt this problem has anything to do the PLM replacement.


The Alexa discovery process is independant from the ISY devices. If a device is visible in ISY Portal/Amazon echo, it should be discoverable, even if the ISY is not online, even if it does not exists anymore on ISY.


Please check under My Profile. Make sure your preferred ISY is set. Also, I would try to redo the account linking on ISY Portal side, and Amazon echo/smart home skill side.



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