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Can't view options on Schlage BE469 lock

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I've had a Schlage BE469 lock installed for about three weeks now. (It's the newer Schlage Connect model.) It's working great so far except that I get errors when I try to view the options for the lock through the Admin Console. It's not always the same error message, and I'll attach a couple examples.



You can see from the first attachment that the progress meter doesn't look right. It shows that weird ASCII character instead of the percent complete and update bar. Eventually I get one of several error messages and after clearing the error message, I get the options screen, but none of the options are set. I tried setting some user codes through the Admin Console, but it seems to have cleared all the codes instead.


I've removed and re-added the lock to the ISY, but the behavior is the same. I have an Aeotec Siren in the hallway not far away, so I'm hoping I have good communication between the lock and the ISY which is one floor down, almost right below where the siren is placed. I can lock and unlock without any problems. I've incorporated the lock into several ISY programs, and that seems fine too.


I'm running the 5.0.10 firmware on my ISY currently, but I saw the same behavior with 4.5.4 before.


Any suggestions?





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HI Tim,


Just to be certain: did you follow the migration instructions for 5.0.10?


Based on all your other posts, I suspect you have a corrupted SD Card. Do you have a) a good backup B) a new SD Card? If so:

1. Reboot ISY with the new SD Card

2. Reinstall the firmware (5.0.10)

3. Restore your backup


With kind regards,


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Michel, thanks for following up.


I believe I followed the 5.0.10 migration procedures correctly. I certainly intended to! :-)


I have recent backups, so that's no problem. Do you believe that the corruption on the SC card would be present in the backups too? Could I simply reformat the existing card, or is a brand new one recommended?

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