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Direct URL to AJAX interface from Portal


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Hi and welcome to the UDI forums!


Here are 2 bookmark methods.


  •  I'm pretty sure UDI does not want the credentials to be auto entered from the internet through the portal. I have a shortcut on my iphone that takes me directly to my custom had page, ....but I must authenticate with my portal credentials

..or substitute your own page names stored on the isy and replace INDEX.HTM with their names


  • I also use a browser link on my iphone to call IFTTT Maker to do really simple things. No credentials are passed in this case. The appropriate config needs to be completed in Maker with the correct key provided by the ISY Portal, and a Device/Scene/Variable/Program configured on ISY Portal to execute the desired function.: Example:

Neither are very sophisticated, but I rarely need to manually trigger anything with my phone. In the first example, I have custom HAD pages that give me a house status, but I pretty much do that with pushover these days.


Mobilinc and/or tasker both offer much more sophisticated ways of doing this that provided status feedback, if you need that.



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You can do the following;


Boomark https://my.isy.io


On the login:

Click "Remember me", so you don't have to login anymore

Instead of clicking on "Portal Login", click the down arrow and select "Go to my ISY".


This will bring you directly to the UDAjax page. This preference will be saved for the next time.


NOTE: You need to set your preferred ISY under My Profile for this to work.



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