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Program already added-NOT (update: solved)


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I created two programs, GG3 Driveway Gate and GG4 Walkway Gate. I attempted to add them to the portal. GG3 added with no problem, GG4 appeared in red, indicating that it was already added when it was not.


I tried adding a spoken, the portal indicated that the program already had a spoken. The program was nowhere in the list of named devices. I deleted the program and it did not appear in the portal list of programs. I re-created the program with the same result, the program shows red.


Renaming the program gave the same result. The portal indicated that the program was already added (appeared in red), but it was not ever added.


I got the same result when attempting to add the program to a different portal account (same portal, just a different account).


Any suggestions?

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Find the program ID in the admin console, then type it in the search box in ISY Portal.


I think that you may once had a program with that same ID entered in the spokens. If you delete that program from the admin console, and later on create another one which would reuses the same ID, you would observe this behavior.



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Success, but not with the method you suggested which gave the same result. But, based on your implication, I made a copy, renamed the original program, gave the copy the original name and was able to add the "new" copy. I then deleted the original errant program.


Thanks B)

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