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Failed to assign routes


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ISY 5.0.10.

I justed added Aeon Labs ZW078-A Heavy Duty Smart Energy Appliance Switch. I've moved ISY close to The switch when adding to Isy.

​It added fine and was able to control it OK. Then I've moved Isy to its normal location and run Zwave Heal.

During healing Isy failed updating neighbors and assigning routes to quite a few of zwave devices. WHY?

What should I do now?


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How far is the Z-Wave device from the ISY? Walls, matter, so do their composition (usually drywall). A refrigerator or other large metal object in the vicinity also matters, most especially if it's between the ISY and Z-Wave device. At least that's my experience. A door lock 30' feet distant couldn't be reached. A garage door (different route) 50' from the ISY gave no difficulties.


An Aeon siren or doorbell worked wonders. Many, many posters came to the same conclusion B)

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Well, not sure if it mattered but I had "Freeze ISY Nodes" on when I was adding Aeon switch.

For some reason it added but did not wanted to work.

After removing and then readding switch to ISY it works (with freeze off).

Accidentally flipped a breaker in the garage thats why ISY couldn't communicate with couple devices, all good now.

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