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Removing all links without removing device from Admin Console


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First day using my 994i. Been using Insteon with a Hub for about a year now.


I was going to try to keep existing links, so I added all my devices without removing links. Yes, that was a mistake. I've got half links and missing devices, so things aren't quite right.


I decided "hey, wouldn't this be easier if I could remove all the links?" I was right, it would be easier. Thing is, the software you guys have only allows removing links by one method: when adding a new device. So now you've given me the solution but made it hard to get to: I have to remove my device and then re-add it.


So my question is: why is there not a way to right click on the device and simply kill all the existing links (basically factory reset the device remotely). Wouldn't that be easier?

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Factory resetting an Insteon device remotely would certainly be easier for the end user. But, factory resetting an Insteon device remotely is simply not possible. It must be done at the device itself. Security is just one reason.


But you don't need to remove it from the ISY. If you reset the device manually, you can restore all the links that the ISY is aware of remotely by right clicking on the device after a factory reset and selecting Restore Device.

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..........Been using Insteon with a Hub for about a year now...........


When I got my ISY I thought I would end up using both my Insteon Hub and the ISY.   I thought wrong.  I was convinced in less than 24 hours to get rid of the hub and start from scratch clearing and re-link everything.  It actually didn't take long at all because i had a list of device ID (actually I took a picture of every switch or device before the ID number got covered with the plate (or wherever else the labels not accessible.). 


it's better in the long run. 


PS - Don't forget to backup regularly.

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