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Migrating over from Indigo

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I am migrating over from Indigo to an ISY994IZW Pro due to Echo integration. I am using a Aeotec s2 dongle on the Mac running Indigo. I was wondering how to migrate my Z-wave devices without going from device to device. 

I issued a couple of commands and nothing I could do would get the ISY to see the z-wave devices. 

I decided to wait and tackle the problem a little later. When I logged on to the ISY today all of my devices were on the ISY including some old inactive ones on the Aeotec. 

But even stranger for me is that the Z-wave menu is different (See screen shot below). When I select "Stop adding or removing a Z-wave device" nothing happens.

Any ideas?


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The instruction for migrating from any system to ISY is the same. Factory reset each device that has that capability and add devices one at a time, clearing any existing links. Any other method is likely to cause frustration down the line.


If you haven't done that, the best advice is to start over.

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Thanks you Michael. 

I see the instructions and this helped a lot. But how do I make it become the primary controller? And will this wipe the existing configuration?  


aybe I will deal with these as I use Z-wave relays and it involves building out the switches and pressing a button which I do not want to do unless forced. 
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