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Best app for my Isy94i with limited Internet acces


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Which is the Best App that i can use for my Isy94i with limited Internet acces, or do i need to buy a separate hub, i looking to have a nice looking touch screen with all of my Dimmers and keypads (Insteon Mainly ), thanks in advanced for the help.


Did you want to use it only on a LAN or access the ISY from outside your LAN?


What operating system would you be using on your touch screen?

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I will use it mostly inside my LAN, i will need to use it occasionally outside my LAN, it would be an IOS device.


I'm a windows and Android person and not up to speed on IOS. There are others on the forum that can hopefully offer suggestions.


Take a look at Mobilinc, a lot of forum users seem to be happy with it. It should be on the Apple store.

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Recent IOS and Android versions do not support the old encryption that the 99i supports. Your use may be limited to LAN without encryption.


You have assumed that the OP has an old 99i whereas he referred to it as an 94i! I'm guessing that he meant a 994i.


If my guess is correct, I would suggest Mobilinc which works well with IOS and allows control on the LAN as well as outside the LAN.

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