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Is it possible to trigger a program when a scene is run?


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I have a few scenes with multiple lights, that all have a KPL button as the controller.  These scenes also include Hue lights, so using a Network Resource I have a program that says "if KPL A is pressed on, then run this network resource" and so on.  The problem is when I use Alexa to run scenes, the Hue lights of course don't come on since the KPL didn't trigger it.  All the other lights do work, but just wondering how I can have this work.  Was thinking I guess make a program with the same name as the scene, then add the program to Alexa, with "Then" running the Insteon scene and doing the Hue stuff, but wanted to see first if I can trigger if from Alexa running the scene.  Thanks.

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A scene can only control devices. It cannot trigger a program. You can name programs and scenes anything you want. The Amazon Echo doesn't use the scene or program name, only the spoken that you assign to the program and/or scene which can be nearly anything you want.


Create a program that includes both resource and the scene. If your only concerned that the Echo runs the program, then you don't need to have any condition (If statements).

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