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Need 3 Volunteers for testing the new Echo APIs

Michel Kohanim

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Hello everyone,


We need 3 volunteers for testing the new Amazon Echo APIs which support color, more advanced thermostat features, and proactive reporting.


You must have:

1. ISY Portal account and Amazon Echo

2. At least one thermostat especially if INSTEON

3. Aeotec or Fibaro color LED

4. Be willing to test the following


On devices, scene, programs, statevar, thermostat:

Turn on

turn off

Turn on to (except for scenes)




On scenes:



On thermostat:

Set temperature

Increase temperature

Decrease temperature

Set mode

what is set to?


On door locks


is locked?


On Color LEDs

Color/Color temperature



- Account linking (inherently)

- Usage without setting the preferred ISY (if you have a single ISY)

- Use the mobile app (Important)


If you are interested, please send an email to support@universal-devices.com .


Thanks in advance and with kind regards,


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