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Smarthome ~ Auto Reply Fail


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A friend wanted to vent and asked if his thoughts could be presented here . . . The image captures of the Insteon reviews are highlighted in various colors the auto reply from Smarthome really makes you go huh?!?!


I've edited the conversation for him as he doesn't seem to know what paragraphs are!!  :?


Other sections have been deleted / edited because it wasn't relevant to the topic at hand. So if it this conversation doesn't seem to flow or make sense its because I deleted some portions of his reply below.  :mrgreen:


Teken, Skully, HIIQ,


Sometimes I really wonder how this company is able to stay in business. Who ever coined the phrase *Its hard to get good help* was spot on. Like many here lots of folks have been waiting for the motion sensor II to be fully supported. As seen below someone / something had a scripted reply.


At first glance that's fine so long as its on point or makes sense.


As you look further in the screen shots there are several instances where its quite obvious no one bothered to READ the feedback / question(s).


I just have to shake my head and close my eyes as to how something so very simple as offering facts to the customer base is so hard for this company. As of this writing all of the on line full users manuals are out of date and provide zero facts on new features and options you explained to me on our call. Sometimes I get the feeling its literally one person doing all of the work. While other times it comes across as the company hired the person willing to take the lowest remuneration simply based on low IQ.


The fact these auto replies are presented to the customers as solutions when none of this was true until firmware 4.6.1 on June 09, 2017. Even then the firmware doesn't even provide the most basic elements that the older motion sensor did! I don't know how you guys do it, accepting half baked products with no TTS (time to solve) for the customers or vendors. If I didn't have your support and guidance I would have pulled out of this whole home automation scene long ago. 


I don't understand how the actual maker (Smartlabs) doesn't even know their own code never mind supporting their own hardware? How do they expect this third party company called Universal Devices Inc to do the same? Also has anyone dealt with that new Indian guy named Asif? He's probably one of the most useless developers I have ever communicated with bar none. Its obvious he doesn't understand English very well never mind has no manners to reply to correspondence. Even when you get a reply from the guy it offers nothing but more empty promises and makes no sense!


Teken, Skully, HIIQ,


Those guys in the HomeSeer forum seems to have their act together because one of the developers (Mark) has been able to access all of the features and options on this new motion sensor II. How is it this random guy (Mark) is able to provide all of the required support when no one else can including the stupid people at Insteon / Smartlabs??? 


So your telling me Smartlabs is the maker and yet they don't have the API to follow or to offer to other third party vendors? 


OK, so these inept fools didn't have a working copy but decided to push the product out anyways to the general public? So use the public as Beta testers and see what happens, sounds just like Microsoft & Google.  So now that the UDI people have the API Documents what's going on with this half baked release I'm using on 4.6.1? I don't follow what you're saying what is this 5.XX firmware you two cowboys are talking about?


I would have been fired long ago if I offered this level of SLA to my clients. Like I said working with Jesus was great even though it was short lived the new guy that took over named Asif is plain useless and should be fired. Its different in the real world from where I come from there's a process, iterate, review, test, validate, issue dog food testing, get feedback from real users, iterate again, meet with all teams and set time lines goals bench marks etc.


None of this seems to be done here by the Smartlabs company!


I would encourage Smarthome / Smartlabs to take this feedback and act upon it. The company is under new leadership and must push forward to ensure relevant documentation is accurate, timely, and provided. Its obvious to me some of the hardest working and helpful people at Smartlabs has since moved on or been fired. You can't hire people with no business sense or those who lack the most basics of communication, etiquette, or common sense, to work in a vacuum. 


The mantra: Each day work toward progress ~ Not perfection.











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