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Status Change from Switches


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​I am trying to do a simple program - when I turn on a fan, I want a program to turn it off 10 minutes later.


​I have tried using both STATUS and the CONTROL in the IF statement, and neither are triggering when I change the switch state.


​This said - when I manually hit the switch, the state does not change on the ISY Admin Control Panel - however, I can control the switch from the ISY Admin Control Panel.


​I noticed, none of my manual changes at the switch locations are changing the state of the ISY Admin Control Panel.



​I am assuming if I can get the status commands from the switches to either be sent, or recognized by the ISY Admin Control Panel, then the program will run.


​Any ideas  on how to do this are appreciated!



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I do this with my attic fan. 

Attic Fan 4hr timer - [ID 003B][Parent 0001]

        Control 'MBR Bedside1 / Attic Fan 4 Hr' is switched On
     Or Control 'MBR Bedside2 / Attic Fan 4 hr' is switched On
        Wait  4 hours 
        Set Scene 'Attic Fan' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

The actual attic fan switch is a 2477S that is not listed in the program.  The two controls listed are buttons on a 8-button keypads.  All 3 devices are 'Controllers' for an attic fan scene.  Pushing the button on the KPL actually turns on the scene AND triggers the program that turns the scene back off.


If the attic fan is activated by the 2477S that is actually switching the load, the timing program will NOT be triggered and the attic fan will stay on until turned off manually from any of the 3 locations.

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Clearly the admin panel should be showing accurate status. If not, programs won’t work. Whether you have link record issues or communication interference, this needs to be identified and corrected.


If the steps in the linked wiki article does not solve the problem, you should begin troubleshooting potential sources of interference.

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Then I would look at communication issues.  In the outlet and circuit that powers the PLM, are there lots of other electronic devices, such as computers, modems, printers, UPS, power supplies?  Have you confirmed communication between the legs of your electrical system?

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