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HELP! I Can See Someone's Smart Devices through Alexa App


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Today, I added some new Insteon switches to my home. After getting them setup through the ISY Portal and discovering them with the Alexa App on my iphone, I noticed that in the app I now see someone else's smart home devices. Not only that, but they appear to be French? The disabled devices say they are connected via UDI.


I have checked my device/program/scene list on Admin. Console and on the ISY Portal and do not see these devices which are not mine, but I can see them on the Alexa App and can possibly turn them on, off, dim, and brighten. I have started disabling these devices through the app, but now I'm a little bit worried about what is going on here. I'm wondering if I can see their devices, can the see or control mine? I have not figured out how to remove them completely from the Alexa app.


Here is a short list of disabled devices (presumably french): balcon, cin arr, cin av, entree, sdb (salle de bain - bathroom) lavabo, ilot, locker, neon, vest, first floor (thermostat etage) and second floor (thermostat). This literally looks like someone's smarthome that I may or may able to control.  



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Thanks, Paul. I must have missed that original post on the bug. Looks to be an easy fix. 

Benoit is hard at work upgrading this for us. He injects French devices while testing and they bleed into other spots by mistake, sometimes. This happened last upgrade a year or so ago.

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Forgetting and rediscovering your devices will clear them from all groups and routines you have set up. I discovered that this morning after spending a couple hours configuring/testing them. I would forget each individual device instead (if you have groups and routines configured)


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