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ISY994iZ >>>> PLM Cat5 cable


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After doing a search and not coming up with an answer, here I am. I am in the process of moving the PLM and I need a longer cable. My question is: Is the cable used to connect the PLM to ISY994iZ the standard off the shelf RJ45 Ethernet cable? I have a bunch of them, but did not want to plug it in until I got a definite yes or no.




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Yes standard Network Cable.

Page seven of the full users manual.   Two Standard Category 5e Ethernet patch cables

https://www.universal-devices.com/docs/production/ISY User Guide 4.2.8.pdf

One thing to watch. The signals are Serial not the standard Network signals.

From what I have seen here.  Most have used up to twenty five feet. Some longer with a high quality cable.

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Well, I took out my second shortest network cables (6' or 1.8m) cable and with the other cables in the 3/4" electrical PVC conduit, it will not fit. So today, I will make a custom fit Cat5 cable to get the final part of the relocation done. Now where are the tools?


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On ‎3‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 9:54 AM, Brian H said:

If the other wires in the conduit. Are AC power. It maybe possible to get AC noise into the serial signals.

Keep us in the loop.


I noticed that I never gave you the updated information. I installed the PLM and all the power transformers in a metal water proof box. I ran the Cat5 through the PVC pipe into the Main Service panel and out to the Cable box that houses the ISY, GEM, Dash Box and 1Gb Network switch. All are working perfectly. Here is the link to the pictures if you are interested. The pictures with the ISY and transformer box are toward the bottom. 


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