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Assign Scenes to On/Off


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Working on getting smart light bliss. I have Lifx HomeKit lights and have and ISY and Homebridge ISY running on my Mac. With that setup, the scenes on my Insteon Keypad are all exposed to the Apple Home App. Then in the Home App I set the buttons to be associated with Apple Home automations to turn the lifx lights on/off with little to no lag. Works great.

The challenge is the on/off switches. By default it would cut power which would not be good. So capped of the load wire so now on/off one turn off power to the lifx and it will always be powered. 

While that works, I need to now have the on and off buttons exposed individually in the Apple Home app so I can associate them with lifx on/off.

Do I need to do something special to have the on/off appear in Apple home, and do I have to change something with the toggle mode of the switch so that I can have the on and off show up as seperate buttons in home app for the 6 scene switch? Or should I change to 8 scene button mode, and then could use buttons that cover the top and bottom so it looks like a 6 scene but is actually an 8 scene button? That would expose the off in the home app, and top right but not top left.

Hope that makes sense!

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