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MobiLinc and ISY Portal


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I am trying to change MobiLinc Setup to access by the ISY Portal. I found the following instructions on this forum and installed them as follows:

Open Mobilinc

Select Settings

Select Lighting Controller

Change settings as instructed:

Host Type = ISY

User Name = Portal Username (email address)

Password = Portal Login Password

Local http://= blank

Local Port = 80

Secure https:// = my.isy.io

Secure Port = 443

Connection Method = Secure Connection

Although the ISY portal works on my Mac it does not work on my iPhone using the foregoing steps.

Am I missing something?

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Two things.

First, confirm you are using the second portal accounts username and password. Perhaps obvious, but worth checking.

Second, if the second portal account, do you have the ‘Preferred ISY’ correctly selected? This is the ISY that Mobilinc will connect to.

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Frankly, I am not certain I am using the correct user account and password. Michel set these accounts up for me. Are these the same as those for the Amazon account for that portal? I will check as to whether or not the preferred ISY is selected but since the site can be accessed from the portal and the Mac without problem would seem to rule out that as an issue.

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Since I have always had issues with mobilinc and android when at a weak wifi or it too dumb to know that unless I am on a SPECIFIC local wifi it's not at home, would be curious when you get this going.

E.g. the initial connection tries local wifi if connected and if you are say at Target that will fail after a god awful long time then you are hung as it tries to do I don't know what and then you just go change the connection method which screws you if you ARE home trying to go secure to a specific https that is your local router since you cannot get to the outside port from inside, etc..

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