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On/Off Receptacle Turns On at 3 AM


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I have one on/off receptacle that, for some reason, turns ON at the 3 am Query.  I have another one that controls the den fireplace that doesn't do that.

Has anyone seen that?

Scene:~ISY Status Query Wed 2018/05/02 03:00:00 AM Program Log
_MBR Bath Receptacle.1 On-Off Status 100% Wed 2018/05/02 03:00:47 AM System Log
MASTER-Bath Heater Status 100% Wed 2018/05/02 03:00:47 AM System Log
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Is the receptacle controlled via scene from an io_linc? Iolincs that that have trigger reverse can be triggered by the 3am query and their scenes triggered, and downstream devices activated/deactivated.

If not, via a scene from another device type?  Please describe how this unit is configured with insteon and other devices.

Potentially a factory reset and "Restore Device" might help, but that's guessing in the backdrop of not knowing the full picture.


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It is in a scene with another space heater so both can be controlled via Echo device "turn both heaters off'.

It is controlled on/off by mini-remote

It is controlled on/off by KPL. I have my KPL buttons configured (via programming) as 'press on/press off'.  The indicator for that button is in a scene controlled by status of the outlet control.

Not even close to an I/O Linc.  :-)


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