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Help! Cloning a EZX10RF device.


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Hello out there,


I haven't had to do much with my isy998 lately. My last adventure was replacing an aged/faulty PLM which went well.

I operate some devices using an old X10 keyfob device (I have been waiting for a similar device for the Insteon for what seems a decade).

Lately, when I use my keyfob, my EZX10RF registers multiple key presses. Since I programmed these key presses to toggle devices off or on alternately, this leads to a device that started off to go on, then goes off, and occasionally then goes on again!

This is beginning to be more of an experiment in probability than a labor-saving device.

I replaced my keyfob, I rebooted my isy99. I think the EZX10RF is on its last legs since even this erratic behavior locks up and the EZX10RF requires to be powered off and on almost daily.

Fortunately, I have another EZX10RF sitting around. I vaguely recall another piece of software that I used to write to the EZX10RF's device list to accept X10 signals and translate them to a "virtual" EZ device that allowed for multiple relay manipulations, so that when my Isy "sensed" commands to that device that was no longer plugged in, it would run programs that I needed it to run.

I did this more than a few years ago and if I find all the bits and pieces around my house it will still be a pain to relearn my olde tricks.

So, cutting to the chase - does Isy998's software allow me to write to its device list, or clone my olde EZX10RF without its echoing problem????????

Please don't suggest the "replace" feature in the drop-down menu - the EZX10RF doesn't offer a replace function like other Insteon devices.

I can query device links, I can save them and load them externally, but I can't see a way to actually write a new link list after loading it - the best that I seem to be able to do is "compare" them????

I would REALLY appreciate an insight with this.

I would rather not "re-invent the wheel" if I could solve this more easily...



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Is this something that just started with the EZX10RF?

I bought one a few years ago and it repeated every X10 signal it found, as well as following  with the previous unit number combined with the latest house code. If the code matched another unit, two units would  operate.  What a confused mess!  Even if it did work without the bad second code the repeating of unwanted X10 codes was a horrible algorithm.  It went back for a refund.

As a newbie to Insteon this cost me a few weeks  and digging out my old X10 monitoring software to figure out I wasn't crazy. :)

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I got it to work fine by adding a little lockout time, originally.

This worked fine for many years.

I tried to lengthen the lockout time amount recently, but the system just holds the false repeat code in cache, until the lockout time ends, and then executes it.

I have this bad feeling that UDS does not want people to write to devices because their software does it more safely, except for the EZX10RF, which UDS' software doesn't "replace"...

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UDS? You mean UDI?

The Simplehomenet products do some unique things with the Insteon protocol. That only they seemed to use. For awhile Simplehomenet {now Smartenit} was not providing information to UDI so total support of their products was not possible. Not too sure if they freely exchange data now.

I think the other program you maybe thinking of. Was the Simplehomenet Utilities.  I looked and the link seems to be gone . Their help forums also seem to be gone of new posts. Just what was there a few years ago.  I did find it directly where they stored it.


My EZX10RF was an early model and it would take an All Units Off and resend on the power lines a All Lights Off. That my X10 appliance type modules ignored. Sent it back and they reflashed the firmware. Unfortunately it still did it when I got it back.

Sounds like something may have changed. X10 RF remotes always send multiple RF commands. Your unit for some reason is decoding it more than one time for each button push.

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Yup UDI (I'm a bit rusty on my Insteon gizmos - they have been on "autopilot" for years.

It is sad that despite all the hype, the automated home is as likely as flying cars.

Thanks for the SHN utilities. I used it with some Insteon to USB to write directly into the EZX10RF. I was hoping that there might be a simpler method after all these years...

But, then, that's the state of Home Automation.

I really appreciate the link for the utilities.

If anyone has come across a simpler fix, please let me know.

(Wouldn't it be nice if a control fob were available for Insteon devices...)


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Thanks, Paul.

I am aware of the thinner rectangular wireless Insteon remote.

I considered drilling a hole into the corner to insert a keyring, but it didn't look like it would be secure.

The Insteon device is fine to tape to a piece of furniture, but rather than a keyfob on a belt loop, the Insteon has to be fished out of a pocket and is much easier to accidentally press a key or four while it is my pocket.

Am I the only guy that would rather press a button on a keyfob, versus fishing for something in my pocket, or trying to get Siri to understand me while the TV is on.

This stuff should really have been ironed out 10-20 years ago...



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Yeh I have one on my wife's nightstand for the attic fan so that's ok. Another for my lawnguy to keep in his truck. If a midday hot sprinkler cycle is running he can kill it. I was looking at getting 2 for sprinkler maint, but then I got the rainmachine and I can do that from my old phone/gps.

I guess I always used the X10 remotes the same way and didn't get into the keyring part of it


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I still use a HR12A and UR19A remotes. Through an RR501. To control my older Insteon modules that could be programmed with an X10 Primary Address.

X10 chime modules triggered by an ELK930 Doorbell Sensor. The chime modules also get sounded when it is time for my ISY994i to wake me up.

I do have a JV Digital Engineering XTB-IIR  coupler repeater. Blasts over a 10 volt X10 signal on the homes power.

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