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1Wire Posting Temperature Instead of Humidity


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I currently have the NodeLink installed with the 1Wire (OWFS) device installed.  I have Sheetwalk's RPI3 board with 1wire humidity sensors, 18x20 temperature sensors, and a dual counter board.  With regards to the humidity sensors, the temperature and humidity are showing correctly in the NodeLink's web interface as shown below.  


However, the humidity devices are showing up in the ISY with the temperature value in both the temperature and humidity fields.  Both of the humidity sensors I have installed are behaving in the same manner.


I have used the same sensors for 2-3 years now.  Last year I moved to a new home and took the opportunity to upgrade my ISY from v4.x to 5.x in the new home.  Likewise, I went from OWLink to NodeLink.  The two humidity sensors have only recently been added in the last three weeks.  I just noticed this issue today.  I have tried deleting the node from ISY and recreating it but that did not help.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this?



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First, thanks for your help.  My NodeLink Server auto-upgraded to version 0.9.14.  However, the problem is still there in the ISY.  The humidity value is still shown as the same value as the temperature in ISY but shows correctly on NodeLink web interface. 

  • I have restarted the RPi running NodeLink. 
  • I have rebooted the ISY.
  • I have deleted a temperature/humidity sensor device from the ISY and then used the "Install ISY Nodes' button in NodeLink to add the device back into ISY. 

However, the humidity still shows as the same value as the temperature.  Examples are shown below.



Is there anything else I need to do?

My system consist of the following:

  • ISY v5.0.12 with:
    • Networking Module
    • A10/X10 for Insteon (No longer have X10 devices)
    • Z-Wave (No Z-Wave devices)
  • Raspberry Pi 2 B+ with Sheepwalk RPI3 v2 running NodeLink
  • All Insteon devices
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