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Keypad Linc LED not blinking in Non-Toggle On mode


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Hi, I have two Keypad Lincs in opposite ends of a room, both in 6-button mode. Over a year ago I made the 'A' buttons correspond to an "evening" mode. In the ISY I created a scene which includes all the devices I want included, then I made the two 'A' buttons controllers of the scene. Each controller also turns off the LED of the other button 'A'. The "Button Toggle Mode" of each Keypad Linc is set to "Non-Toggle [On]" for the 'A' buttons. When I click each button 'A', the scene is activated, and the button I clicked has it's corresponding LED blink on twice, and then turns off. This setup has worked great for over a year.

Fast forward over a year and now I want to do something nearly identical to the 'B' buttons of the same two Keypad Lincs. It is identical setup, just a different scene. The difference now, though is that the button I press has its LED immediately turn on (doesn't blink) and it persists on. It doesn't give me the same blinking effect. While trying to debug, I switch it over to "Non-Toggle [Off]" and the light persists on in that mode too (no blinking), except now the scene turns off of course. Next i try it on just "Toggle" mode and I get the effect you would think -- when turning on, the scene is turned on and the LED is turned on. When turning off, the scene is turned off and the LED turns off.

So this is my question. How do I get that "LED blinks twice then turns off" effect that I get with the other button 'A's on the two Keypad Lincs when in "Non-Toggle [On]" mode? As far as I can tell, the settings are identical in my ISY.


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It would help if you posted screen shots of the keypads' configurations. You can use something like the snipping tool in windows to grab the area of the screen for each keypad and paste right into a reply window here. Type in a line in the reply window before pasting indicating which is which. 


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01_ButtonToggleMode: This shows that each KPL has a "Non-Toggle (On)" setting.
02_LEDBrightness: This shows the LED brightness levels of the KPLs, in the case the question came up.
03_SceneWithKtnAsController: This shows the "Evening Mood" scene my "B button" is activating, and specifically the bottom of it where the other KPL is shown to have its LED be turned off.
04_SceneWithEntryAsController: Same as previous except the other KPL.
05_MainKPLSwitchIsResponder: This shows the KPL switch itself is set up as a responder to the "B button".

My working 'A button' is setup the exact same way, only assigned to the "TV Mood" scene which has far fewer responders than the "Evening Mood" scene.

To be very clear, I want to re-explain the symptoms I am seeing.

I have two KPLs, Ktn and Etry, both set to "Non-Toggle (On)" and assigned to scene "Evening Mood".

  • If I press Ktn:B
    • Ktn:B is illuminated immediately, and never blinks. (Bad: should double-blink and LED turns off)
    • The entire "Evening Mood" scene is activated correctly.
    • Etry:B (which is a responder to the scene) is also correctly affected (LED turned off)
  • If I press Etry:B
    • Etry:B is illuminated immediately, and never blinks. (Bad: should double-blink and LED turns off)
    • The entire "Evening Mood" scene is activated correctly (except for the next point):
    • Ktn:B (which is a responder the scene) is illuminated immediately and does not turn off (Bad: the picture even shows the scene should disable the LED)

When taking these screenshots, something occurred to me. There is a distinct difference between the this setup and "A button" setup: The "TV Mood" only controls devices in a separate room but the "Evening Mood" scene also controls the main switches of each KPL. The Etry KPL is hard wired to lights which are turned off by the "Evening Mood" scene. If its not some obvious misconfiguration on my part, I wonder if the problem is related to the fact that the buttons are controlling the KPLs they belong to?

Because this is affecting two KPLs, I don't thing this is a hardware problem.

Any help appreciated!







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Okay through trial and error I have narrowed down the issue quite a bit.

On each KPL, the 'C button' is assigned to a "Deck Lights" scene. The "Evening Mood" scene also turns off the LED of those C buttons. As soon as I remove the C buttons from the "Evening Mood" lights scene, the 'B button' works as expected - the buttons blink twice then the LED turns off. If I add the C buttons back to the "Evening Mood" scene, the 'B button' LED immediately illuminates and doesn't turn off.

So is this just a limitation of KPL? A bug? A bad expectation?


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