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Motion Sensor II (2844-222) Specs


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This isn't really an ISY question, but I know some of you have the 2844-222 so I thought I'd take a shot at asking a question here.

What are the sensing specs for this Insteon device.  By that I mean how far away can it sense motion and at what angles (left & right and up & down)?  The Smarthome spec page for the 2844-222 doesn't provide this information so I realize that your answer will just be based on experience but that would better than nothing.  It seems strange to me that a manufacturer wouldn't provide this information for one of their devices.  How is a potential buyer supposed to know if the device will meet their need?

Thanks for any response and trust that if I buy some and they don't match your specs, I won't blame you.  I'll blame Smarthome.  :-)

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The sales page says. Thirty Feet detection distance. Up to a ninety degree ARC and up to 150 feet RF distance.

I suspect they are conservative ratings. So you could get more or less. Depending on the exact installation.  Since they use a PIR sensor. I suspect things like bright light,  heat sources like radiators, things like walls between the sensor and the module receiving the Insteon RF command. May effect things.

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4 hours ago, lilyoyo1 said:

Did you read the product page on the motion sensor on smarthome's website? The information your asking for is right there

Yep, I read the page, but clearly missed it buried in the bullet points.  Though even what's listed isn't very specific.  Up to a 90 degree arc?  Is that left & right?  Up & down?  And why "up to"?  What will impact whether it's 90 degrees or only 60?  And 30 feet detection is straight ahead, I assume.  What about at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 degrees off center (left & right and/or up & down)?


Then I read the "SPECS" page where I expected to find it, but didn't, so assumed there was no reason to read the overview page again.  My bad, I guess.


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There are too many variables to say a definitive 30 foot range or 90 degrees. You can have walls in the way, furniture, vents, angle, battery life, etc. all effecting its performance.

The information smarthome or anyone gives you will always be open ended due to differing environments. Now that you have a baseline on the motion sensors range, the best thing to do is try one to see how well it works in your environment. 

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