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Recommendations - zWave Thermostats that push temperature changes


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Looking for some opinions and recommendations.  I currently have an all Insteon installation, switchlines, outletlincs, motion detectors, thermostats, leak sensors, etc, with close to 50 devices in total.  Have been happy with my installation overall and in particular extremely happy with my ISY, the brains of the system which I have been able to integrate with pretty much anything using the network module. 

I am about to go through a major renovation and will be looking to move to zWave, although I have been happy with Insteon, the All On and All Off is a deal breaker for me, plus the limited evolution/choices of the Insteon devices.  I do plan to stay with the ISY and will upgrade to version 5 of the software.

To my question, one of the things I really like about my Insteon thermostats (Venstars with the plugin Insteon dongle) is that they push any temperate and humidity changes back to the ISY real-time, in addition to any manual status/mode changes.  I use changes in temperate to trigger other events, fans, etc and so having the ISY see temperate and mode changes real time with the thermostat pushing the information is important to my set up (I do not want to be constantly polling the thermostats).  I am not familiar with the various zWAve based thermostats so looking for recommendations of zWave thermostats that do push this information automatically back to the ISY controller.

PS. I live in an apartment with Water Source Heat Pumps.

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