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Routines not working well


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I currently own a Lenovo Smart Display and it's connected to a few Google Home minis. I have a routine set up, where when I leave the house, all the  lights will turn off. But a few lights are not turned off after around 1 week using the routine. I have tried removing it, then putting it back on as a routine, but still the same problem. The hue lights are detected, and I can turn them on/off manually, but it won't turn off as a routine. Suggestions?

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On 9/29/2018 at 8:23 PM, lilyoyo1 said:

Does your scenes work when triggered directly by your ISY? Is it the same devices failing to be triggered each time? What kind of devices are they? The more information given, the better help we can be

Works when triggered directly, yup same group of lights, hue lights.

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