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2334-222 8 Button Switch and Schlage locks


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I am having a bit of a challenge try to configure these two devices together.  I am actually hoping to do two different things:


1)  Have Scene H button configured so that it will light whenever the doors are locked (two locks) and turn off when either door is unlocked.  So in the case I would look at that button to actually act more like a responder since you may unlock or lock the door and I want the light to identify the status.

2) Second part is a controller.  If I notice the door is unlocked, I would want to press that scene H and know it will then lock all of the doors or if I know who is there I can press the button and it will unlock the door


Currently I have 3 different 2334-222 switches and would like to configure them all to act this way.  Best use case is as I go to bed I would like to know the doors are locked or not and if not lock them.  Then if I am in the kitchen cooking and someone arrives I can then just hit the button in the kitchen to unlock just the front door (if I have to it can unlock both)


I have tried via a combo of scenes and programs but the only thing I have been able to get working is to lock the door by pressing the scene H button.   


I am currently running 5.0.13D and any help would be great.



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Post the programs that you wrote to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Instead of focusing on manually controlling the lock only, why not have them auto lock as well? In doing so, just in case you forget, dose off, etc., the system handles it for you. During the day/evening, my locks will automatically lock if the doors are closed after 45 minutes (just in case I'm bringing stuff in the house). After 9pm the will lock automatically after 10min. My goodnight programs will also lock the doors immediately. 

I have 3 locks with my setup except I have my keypads light up when any lock is unlocked. Turning the keypad button off will lock whatever is unlocked. Turning the button on (manually) will unlock my front door.

To accomplish this, I did a few steps. I created a scene with all my kpl buttons in it as controllers. That way pushing any will turn them all on. My programs also references this scene so if the status of any door is unlocked all buttons light up together.

If status door A, B, or C is not locked

set scene door lock on

Or else set scene door lock off


While all of my locks are programmed to auto lock after a certain amount of time if the door is closed I can still manually override that with my keypads. 

If control kpl a, b, c, or d (etc) is switched off then lock locks a,b, & c.

All of my doors have sensors in them that disables any locking programs. I do this because an open door that is locked is worthless. 

I have individual programs for each door to track open doors. If the door is open and I try to lock it via the keypad, it'll text me letting me know the door is open. Now that the ISY can do voice commands, when I have time, I may play around with it so that I can get a voice alert when that happens. 


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I have had trouble creating scenes with zwave controller and keypad button responder.  I understand that there is something unique about keypad buttons that make this impossible.

Also, using "control" conditions with zwave can fail, depending on the device.

Perhaps these factors have contributed to your problems?

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Below is the program.   Now I have noticed that the program appears to run and understands when the locks, since the Status of the program changes from True to false if either door is unlocked and then switches back to true once all the doors are locked.  As such it appears it does not like the Then and Else statements.  If I run just the Then or run just the else it appears the Insteon switch does not change




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That was the issue.  It was in a scene, however I was changing what was in the scene but not setting the scene as either on or off.   I got the other pieces to work too, except for on issue  I wanted to configure the H button to unlock just the front door but to lock both the front and back.  I can't get the exact logic worked out and not sure if it is possible.


My unlock program that runs to unlock has the following logic



       Scene H is off 


      ( Front door is Locked AND back door is locked)



     Unlock Front Door


If I don't check both the front and back door when the Scene H light goes out then unlocking the back door manually (aka let the dog out) will cause the scene H light to go out as well which in turn causes the program to run and unlock the front door which I would not want it to do.  The only downside of the logic above is if the dog is out and the back door is unlocked, I can't simply press a insteon button to open the door.  Not a huge issue but would be great if there is logic that will work.


Also as a side note if anyone tries what I did.  I didn't write it here, but I also had to use variables and wait timers since locks and buttons are changing and once one program makes a change it would trigger another that would reverse it.  AKA  as soon as a door unlocks and the scene button has not yet changed to off would trigger the locking program because the scene button light is on but a door is unlocked.  To solve this, a variable changes is the first action   I assign a different number to each program and the if statements check for either a zero (no lock program running) or its number so it keeps running  After the commands are sent to the lock and button it waits a few seconds more to allow the lock to actually lock and then resets the variable to zero.  That way only one of the programs can operate otherwise my door kept locking and unlocking until I disabled the programs

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Icannot help but suspect I am only seeing a partial picture so far, so I can offer only some generalities and suspicions. 

Why does your program ‘door lock’ have both CONTROL and STATUS conditins?  What are you trying to accomplish using both?.  

In the ‘unlock’ program, Is scene H is off’ a STATUS or CONTROL condition?  Have you tried CONTROL?  Once you try CONTROL condition, you may be able to get rid of the remaining conditions.

Your use of variables and timers suggest, to me, that there are logic problems that need addressed.  Once addressed, I would get rid of these.

I have trouble believing what you want to caannot be accopmplished.  Having said that, I wonder is the zwave lock limits the logic tools available. My experience is also that zwave devices do not always trigger a CONTROL condition.

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The reason I have control and status both is that it seems to act a bit differently on each.  It appears a status change does not trigger a program, or at least not all of the time. The Control does.  In fact when I look at the setting for a control it states it is an "Alarm" so it appears to be what is triggering the programs.  Now if I change just one lock I will get the Alarm for that door, but no alarm on the other.  So I have it check the status of the other.  It at least works

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