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ISY994i and Smartenit 5010N ZBPLM - ZigBee/INSTEON/X10 Interface


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Over the last couple of years there has been loads of discussion on this forum and on the Smarthome forums around the reliability of the PLM and how it has not developed over the last 10 plus years.  I was reading the post on how to fix a PLM and was just browsing around the Smarthome site when I saw this item "Smartenit 5010N ZBPLM"  I know I have seen in the forums that Universal Devices have actually designed their own more robust PLM and was trying to buy the Insteon processors from Smarthome and that is why we have not seen this beast on the market yet.  However it looks like Smarthome have sold the required chips to Smartenit and they produced this device.

This sparked a few questions in my mind...

  1. Has anybody used this device with say a RPi or Linux machine?  If so how reliable/robust is it?
  2. Can it be used with the ISY994i?
  3. Can we use this PLM to get ISY to support X10, Insteon, Zwave AND Zigbee all at once?

These are all theoretical questions but I would like to hear from other folks on the forum what you think.



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Unless something has changed recently. Smartenit buys the base PLM from Smartlabs and adds their own daughter board to it.

Their web site is also vague on which base PLM is used. For awhile they where using the base 2413 and had the same issues as our 2413S. It now looks like they are using the older base 2412S power line only base PLM. If it is on the 2412 base PLM. It will have a power transformer in the power supply. It would not have the switching power supply issues the 2413S has. Though the 2412 originally had slower memory in it. Can't say for new ones as they say it is a custom made for them base unit.

As you indicated. The UDI PLM unfortunately never came into production. A change in a commitment from Smartlabs stopped the selling of the Insteon programmed Microcontroler chips to UDI.

Sales page for the module. https://smartenit.com/product/zbplm/

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The original hardware revisions of the 2412S/U was 417 links. The later revision hardware revisions 2412S/U was upgraded to 2000 links. Though over 800 links was  a problem. Took too long to access the database.

Like the 2412S it can supply unregulated +12 volts on the RJ45  RS232 serial connector to also power the ISY99i or ISY994i.

Smartenit calls the RS232 serial a RJ45 Serial and the USB version. Smarthome used a suffix on the part number. 2412S and 2413S for RS232 serial and 2412U and 2413U for the USB version.

Their warranty is one year and Smarthomes is two years.

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