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Control of outlet on lamp post


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I have a 3" diameter lamp post at the end of my driveway.  It has a light fixture that is controlled by a light sensor as well as an always-on outlet.  Right now I am using an Insteon 2634-222 outdoor on/off module to control some holiday lights, but I really don't like having that box hanging off the pole.  I was looking at putting a 2443-222 micro switch inside the pole, but it is listed as indoor only.  I was also looking at some z-wave options, but i'm concerned that the pole might block too much of the signal since z-wave is RF only whereas Insteon is RF/Powerline.

Is anyone else doing something like this?


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I recall a recent post with similar intentions.  

Rather than hang the outdoor module from the pole, why not get a short extension cord and plug the module into that.  The extension cord would only have to be long enough so that the outdoor module could be sitting on the ground.

I have several insteon devices in unconditioned space (no direct exposure to rain or snow).  They seem to hold up for me.

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I agree, just get an extension cord of appropriate length to get the on/off module in a better location.  I would not put the on/off module directly on the ground, but you can pound a short stake in the ground somewhere out of site or set it on top of some random object, again, out of sight.  Or maybe strap it to whatever it is your are strapping your holiday lights to.

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Is there room to replace the outlet with an outletlinc? I've had 4 of them outside in Michigan for a number of years. The newer models have 2 separately controlled outlets. Each is downstream of a GFCI and has the traditional outdoor weather proof out cover.


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There is no space for an outletlinc or other standard duplex outlet, just the single outlet. Unless there is something that I can put inside the pole, I will have to go with the current module strapped to the pole, or extend it to an outdoor box on the ground.  I use a Sockitbox near the house, but that is concealed in the bushes.

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Find a spot inside to interrupt the wiring going out to the lamp post.  Install a new box with a remote on / off switch.  Pull new wiring from the new box to the lamp, but add a red wire.  Red wire goes to load side of of new switch, and goes to hot terminal of switched outlet.  Neutrals go where they need to go, and hot goes to the hot terminal of the lamp.  Now you can program that outlet using the switch you installed, and also control it manually there.  

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