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Replaced Batteries in Kwikset lock and now Unkown.


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Installed new batteries in my Kwikset 910 lock and now the device is unknown.  Node details and Network Details look good, but cannot retrieve association groups.

I don't have much time to play with this at the moment, I just need it to work.  Any ideas, as to what I should try first?

Already tried Heal, Repair Links and Synchronize to no avail.

[ZW-SHOW         ] Node  32 - Kwikset Door Lock ZW032 cannot retrieve association groups

Thanks in advance


P.S.  I want to leave the Add/Remove Z-Wave device as a last resort because I may have to remove the lock from the door and bring it closer to the ISY.

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Thanks for the response,

I decided to spend some time on getting my lock back on line.  These are the things I did before doing the obvious.

1.Change batteries
2.Replaced batteries from Ni Cads to new alkaline.
3.Heal, Repair and Synchronize;  multiple times...

Seeing how I was getting nowhere, I decided I would exclude the lock and re-include it without taking it off the door, knowing full well I would eventually have to take it off the door and bring it closer to the ISY.  

I selected "Remove/Exclude" and ran down to the door and hit the "A" button and it turned red.  (not a good sign I thought).

Ran back to the ISY to find that the lock was now recognized by the ISY.

Replaced the alkaline with my Ni Cads,  moved one of my Siren repeaters to a different location and ran a few Heals.

All is now back to normal. 

Can you tell me what may have happened and how I fixed this?


P.S.  For anyone else reading this I use Ni Cads (Costco special 1.2V 2500 MAh Duracell) which last 6 months and 500 to 600 lock cycles.  I believe longevity is dependant on the quality and condition of each individual cell, which I have yet to match.  New Ni Cads battery level show up as 60% to 70%

ZW 032 Kwikset Front DR Battery Critically Low Change Batteries Now

        Control 'Front Door Lock / Devices / Kwikset Front Door Lock ZW032' is switched Critical Low Battery
    And Status  'Front Door Lock / Devices / Kwikset Front Door Lock ZW032' < 15% (Battery Level)
        Send Notification to 'Default' content 'Default Subject'
        Send Notification to 'Text Message' content 'Default Text Message'
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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Thanks so very much for the details. Unfortunately, I have no clue! Does not make sense at all unless the door lock was somehow removed from the network without ISY knowing it.
With kind regards,

I just noticed that I have the same issue with my Kwikset locks... Likely started when I switched the zwave controller out for the 500 series one.... Since then the emails (that I haven’t been paying attention to! Oops...) have had a blank battery status...
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