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Is your Echo no longer responding?


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Hello everyone,

If your echo is no longer responding since this morning, please unlink and relink the skill.


  • Go to https://alexa.amazon.com
  • Click Skills
  • Search for "isy v3"
  • Click on "ISY Optimized for Smart Home V3"
  • Click on Disable
  • Click on Enable
    • Enter your Amazon user and password (if asked by Amazon)
    • Enter your ISY Portal user and password (In the ISY Portal Authorization dialog)

This is a side effect of this morning's update, which unfortunately affects a portion of our echo users.



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1 minute ago, aweber1nj said:

I tried those steps, but keep getting "We were unable to link ISY Optimized for Smart Home V3 at this time". 

Can someone please help? 

This is surprising. Could you retry it?

If it still does not work, please PM me your uuid and I will check the logs.



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2 minutes ago, mblitz said:

Sorry.  I don’t understand.  I’m using the Alexa app on my iPhone to disable the skill and enable/link again.  What browser?

Oh, I see.

In addition to the mobile app, you can use a regular browser. Go to https://alexa.amazon.com

The navigation is virtually the same.

Or, you may try to kill the mobile app and retry it there too.  


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It expires every 2 years, so it makes sense that expiration is the issue.

Whatever email account you use for the ISY portal should have an email with the subject line: ISY Portal License Renewal Notice

From: UDI Sales <sales@universal-devices.com>

That has a link for renewing the portal subscription



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6 minutes ago, mblitz said:

I have had it for a long time, so it could just be coincidence.  How do I renew it?

Yes, what a coincidence!

To renew, login to my.isy.io.

On your ISY, click Select Tools | Information | ISY Portal Access License, and click on Renew License.


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