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Many Subscription Error: ISY Decode Error: in log


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Sometime within the last couple of updates I started receiving many ISY Decode errors in the log:

2018-12-24 09:02:03 - Subscription Error: ISY Decode Error: <Event seqnum="12466" sid="uuid:55"><control>ST</control><action uom="4" prec="1">185</action><node>ZW010_1</node><eventInfo></eventInfo><fmtAct>18.5??C</fmtAct></Event>
2018-12-24 09:03:34 - Subscription Error: ISY Decode Error: <Event seqnum="12491" sid="uuid:55"><control>ST</control><action uom="4" prec="1">185</action><node>ZW010_1</node><eventInfo></eventInfo><fmtAct>18.5??C</fmtAct></Event>
2018-12-24 09:09:35 - Subscription Error: ISY Decode Error: <Event seqnum="12605" sid="uuid:55"><control>ST</control><action uom="4" prec="1">185</action><node>ZW010_1</node><eventInfo></eventInfo><fmtAct>18.5??C</fmtAct></Event>
2018-12-24 09:30:13 - Subscription Error: ISY Decode Error: <Event seqnum="12975" sid="uuid:55"><control>ST</control><action uom="4" prec="1">175</action><node>ZW008_1</node><eventInfo></eventInfo><fmtAct>17.5??C</fmtAct></Event>

Logging is set Notice.  These errors are obviously all related to unsupported ZWave devices.  Is this considered normal, or is there some config change that I missed?


Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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