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ELK M1EZ8 or Smartenit EZIO8SA


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I'm looking for some input on which i/o would be best fit for my situation. I'm looking at either the ELK M1EZ8n or Smartenit EZIO8SA. I don't necessarily need the security aspect of the M1EZ8n, but maybe it would be interesting to play with.

I have 10 doors with hardwired door mag switches, and a couple of hardwired motion sensors from my previous abandoned security system. I'd like to use these to trigger programs/variables. I realize I'd either be looking a the M1EZ8 w/an expansion, or two of the EZIO8SA.

One plus for the ELK would be the ability to get the temperature of my sauna into the ISY to trigger a program when it's up to correct human body cooking temperature.

Any thoughts either way be greatly appreciated!

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If the functions you're looking to implement are even remotely security related, I would suggest ELK for that reason.

Nothing wrong with the EZIO, but it would yet another technical solution to learn and support, when it sounds like you already have ELK


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