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Replacing a 2475D with a 2475DA1


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I had a 2475D go bad.  When I replaced it with a 2475DA1, the 2475DA1 doesn't show up as an option to replace the original 2475D.  Looking at smarthome.com, there doesn't seem to be any other options for in-line switching.

Is there any way to make this replacement work?

My system seems to work for many months, then when something breaks, I have to learn everything all over again!  And I'm not getting any younger!

Thanks in advance for any help. 



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It sounds like you followed the procedure, but lets make sure

  • You installed the new 2475DA1 on the ISY and its in the root Main/device folder.. not in a subfolder?
  • You right-clicked on the current 2475D, and selected "remove from folder"?
  • You right-clicked on the 2475D and selected "replace with"?
  • Did any devices show up? 

When I do the above, I see my other dimming inlinelincs, insteon light bulb and lamplincs as replacement candidates


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