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Error when installing the ISY launcher

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I am running into a problem when installing the ISY launcher. I previously had it installed on a previous version of Java, however i updated my Java and am attempting to reinstalling it and have run out of Ideas. I am currently running Java version 8 update 201 and have cleared all of the Java cache. 

I get the same message when i attempt to run the "Install Admin Console" from the ISY it self, or the "ISY Launcher" from the wiki. 

Java begins to install the application and then errors out for "Application blocked for Security" "Failed to validate certificate, The application will not be executed"

I have attempted to add the site to the exception site list however I am still getting the error. 




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Ok, Thanks. It looks like my issue is profile related. I attempted to click on Manage Certificates and got an error and I got  a odd password popup when I attempted to Restore Security Prompts (not sure why I am the Admin). Not sure why or how to repair but it worked fine on a different user profile. 



Thanks for you help. 


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