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ISY Network Error using wifi extender

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I'm trying to setup an ISY in my barn/workshop. I'm using a Netgear AC1900 wifi range extender to repeat the wifi into my barn. This extender has several ethernet ports, one of which I'm trying to use to connect the ISY to. I am getting the flashing error and memory lights which I believe is a network error. I have a few other devices plugged into the other ethernet ports and they have no problem connecting to my network. I did very briefly get the ISY to connect right after I factory reset the extender one time.... but it popped up with a different IP then it's MAC reservation. 

Am I missing something simple?


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Hey Adam

  • Try plugging the ISY in one of the other ET ports that's working for other devices, does it work?
  • Is the subnet the same on both sides of the extender eg a.b.c.z    = where a, b and c are the same for addresses on both sides of the extender?
  • Do the other plugged in devices in the extender have a dhcp reservation? If no:
    • The DHCP discover message from the ISY may not be making it through the extender or back from the Router
    • You might try moving it back to your house, if it works, assign the address to the ISY manually and move it back


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