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Turn off light after time interval


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I agree with redridge.  I will add that one needs to be careful to avoid having the THEN section retrigger the IF section but, otherwise, it should be as simple as described.

Are you concerned only about when the garage lights are manually turned on, or are there other automated cases that might cause your lights to be on?

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I do that with a bathroom fan so it doesn't run forever:

Bath Fan - [ID 008A][Parent 0062]

        'Rooms / Kitchen / Kitchen BathRoom Fan' is switched On
        Wait  3 minutes 
        Set 'Rooms / Kitchen / Kitchen BathRoom Fan' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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Thanks to all! I will implement today! This switch is only turned on manually, so, this should be a simple fix!
If you answer oberkc's question it may change the method of condition in the program.

The one given will not detect if the light us turned on from other sources.

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