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Fibaro door sensor Temperature probe Parameters


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I have a Fibaro FGK-103 door sensor & added the temperature probe and included in the z-wave network.

Question is, when right-clicking the temperature sensor, and go to z-wave>set configuration parameters , I get 3 choices.

Parameter Number

Parameter size

Parameter Value

Does anyone know which one controls the reported temp interval? Number, Size, Value

Wakeup value?  Number, Size, Value?

There is no documentation from universal devices that explain what each parameter means.

Any help would be appreciated

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OK im glad you both replied. I actually did get to the parameter settings (thank-you). However i changed my first parameter and got...

Ignored unsupported unsolicited Z-Wave message

Z-Wave Command Failed

...so much for that. Anyway I was told to upgrade my firmware to 5.0.14. in order for the multi sensors to work.

what shall i do next? your help is appreciated.




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I would upgrade to 5.0.15A

Beyond that, all battery-powered devices need to be awake in order to display or set any parameters. How to do this is also determined by the OEM.

Sometimes it can be as easy as leaving the top cover off, sometimes you can press a button, sometimes, you can power the device via USB (Aeotech products). It depends on the device. Unfortunately, there are also devices that you need to have good timing and activate the device (open or close the door) and immediately click to perform the parameter set / query - These can be a challenging hit/miss affair...  Welcome to the Wild West of Z-Wave.

From the Fibaro manual for the door / window sensor:

"Waking up the Door/Window Sensor: The Door/Window Sensor needs to be woken up to receive information about the new configuration from the controller, like parameters and associations. To wake up the sensor manually, click one of the TMP buttons (while the other button is pressed)."


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Thank-you for the info,

I did get the firmware upto 5.0.15A and yes you're correct about the timing. I haven't got that down yet but perhaps plan to wire-in permanent power supply and see where the parameter is to keep the device awake always.

I'll also look for perhaps an insteon device that supports a probe that doesn't require batteries to operate. (as a plan B)


Very great help and thank-you again.



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Thanks everyone, but no go. pushing 3 times, failed communications, parameters, wild west alright. I spent 2 days with this thing and nothing but grief. not once did it ever communicate but i see the temperature and i see the sensor register on/off when i put the magnet near the sensor.

This is 2019, the age of phone apps and accessibility/ everything easy. I'm not wasting one more minute with this nonsense and have no more patience. I'll look for something else.


Thanks for the help anyway..



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