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Z-wave commands executed with no confirmation


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I'm running a 994zw recently upgraded to 4.7.3 (ISY and UI). On several occasions I've sent commands to z-wave switches from the Admin Console, the switch executes the command, but the console display does not update to show the state change. There is no error dialog or alert of any kind.  If I log out and log back in, the console display reports the correct status of the switch.


It's as though I've been logged-out as a client by the ISY (without any notice), but it still accepts incoming command requests from the admin console window.

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The devices are z-wave plus outlet switches. Commands from the console after a login update the status and the display shows the state change almost immediately. If I go away for an hour and come back to the admin console, the device window allows me to issue a command, but the status doesn't update even though the command is sent to the device and executed. To me this seems like a bug in the admin console UI.

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There are many outlets out there. What is the model that you are using? It May or May not be a bug but no one can help trouble shoot or fox workout having detailed information.

In the mean time, you can exclude them from the isy, factory reset, and then include them

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