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Continuous restart

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4 hours ago, o_marban said:


I need help with my isy 994i (1120) reboots every 30 seconds

I do not know what to do, already i made a factory recet an the problem persists

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This is very unfortunate! Have you made sure your PLM is plugged and warmed up for a few seconds first, before powering up your ISY?

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Did you do a reset or a total factory reset?

If you did a total factory reset? I believe you have to use a backup to put all the devices information back into the ISY994i.

Here is information on the front panel LED's. How they are operating may also give you a clue. https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=Main_Page#Resetting_Your_ISY

One more thought. It maybe a wall wart power supply getting flaky. If it is  rebooting all the time. I have seen wall warts going bad. Causing all kinds of strange things. I believe there was also a message here where the wall wart was causing issues.

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