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Could Not Create The ZIP file


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I am embarassed to to admit it but numerous health issues have kept me for maintaining my ISY to current standards. Sadly, I am still running 4.6.2!!! I have finally reached the place and time where I need to get things updated. I just updated Java to the latest version. I then tried doing a backup. I never have had a problem previously but today I got the message "Could not create the Zip file". I have stopped at that point since I am hesitant to proceed further without a backup. My plan was to first proceed to 4.7.3, get another solid backup and then attempt to upgrade to 5.x.  I am not ashamed to admit that at my age I am not as sharp as I used to be. That and the health issues are at the center of my being so far behind. I would appreciate any help you are willing to provide on this journey.

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23 minutes ago, smokegrub said:

Internal or external IP? 


Your ISY IP. Java has it's own firewall. The admin console is running under java. Java sees this program/virus trying to write data to a file and tries to stop it. The permissions table  tells java to allow things from that IP address inside your computer.


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I have another ISY located elsewhere. I logged into it and did a backup. No problem.

The size of the backup file that appears on the problematic ISY says cannot create a zip file but then it appears to do so. Is a 56 k file unreasonably small? The one created for the other location was only 26 k. I am reluctant to move forward without what I know to be a solid backup.

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1 hour ago, smokegrub said:

I am beginning to think the file is the proper saize. That leaves the question, is it going to be useful, if needed!!!

Do it again and compare the sizes?

IIRC you can make a copy of the file. Rename it to XXXXXX.zip, Unzip it and then examine the contents. I forget what is in it but I think you will find programs.
Maybe open a ticket with UDI and let them snoop into you ISY and see if it still has a pumping heart. :)

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