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Garage door open program made easy?


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OK, so I have a program that during the time of sunset to sunrise the next day when the garage door opens it turns on lights and sends a notification that the door has been opened.  No problem works fine.    The issue is, that we tend to leave our garage door open all evening after work, until a set time when another program closes it automatically.  That programs works fine.  The rub being.... When sunset hits it triggers the open program to execute (Because the condition of the door is open), causing the lights to come on and  the notification to be sent out.  My question is.... How do I only make these chain of events happen when when I actually open the door OR Not execute if the door has been open for some period of time?  I thought about installing another I/O linc to monitor the open door status and making condition to be met or not, before turning on lights and sending out the notification.  But figured there's got to be an easier way.  Thanks 




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4 hours ago, dpierre said:

How do I only make these chain of events happen when when I actually open the door OR Not execute if the door has been open for some period of time? 

You left out some details (are you using an IOLinc sensor for status?  Is ON=OPEN?  Posting your programs?)

Remember, also, that for most Insteon devices, there is a difference between a "control" condition and a "status" condition.  These two conditions trigger a program differently.  

For your situation, a program a simple as:


time is from sunset to sunrise (next day)

and control 'garage door' is set on


turn on lights

send notification

else nothing

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Hi Oberkc,

I'm out of town at the moment, so can't test any of this.  You're absolutely right, simple program.  But the issue is .... that we leave the garage door open all day.  Then when sunset hits it executes the program that turns on the lights and sends a notification.   I want to prevent it from doing this if the door is already open.  I only want this program to execute at the actual time I open the door.

I have never worked with variables.  But was thinking that if I could have some sort of timer sequence to launch after the door opened (say 3 seconds), and the program could ONLY be executed within that window, that inturn would prevent the program to execute at any other time, like when tho door is left open all day and sunset triggers it.  But if you could think of something else that would give the same result, I'd sure appreciate some advise.  Are you savvy with variables?

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Feel free to try my suggested program, or not.  Yes, a variable solution could work, but this will add additional layers of complication and programs that (in my mind) are likely unnecessary.  Yes, I understand your problem, and it is my hope that the use of "control" condition would solve this problem.  Your description leads me to believe that your program is based upon a "status" condition.  Of course, you have not posted your program, so this is all assumption.

Another feature you have not mentioned is whether you want the lights to automatically turn off and under what conditions.  I did not address this in my suggested program.

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Are you using status or control on your open program? Without seeing the program it is hard to say but I have used status and it has bit me on things like this. If you use control it only executes when the condition is met. If I'm saying that right. 

Posting the program may help with others to look at.. 


Sorry.. looks like Oberck was ahead of me after reading more. 

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