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Possible Use Of ISY994 System With NFC Tags?

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I inherited an ISY994 system in a home, that controls outdoor lights.  I am very inexperienced at using this device but was hoping for the following:

Can I use NFC Tags with my iPhone to trigger the lights on and off? The lights in question are controlled by switches that are programmed with the ISY994.

The other possible option is to use a motion detector when I pull in or out of our carport - as a last resort.

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24 minutes ago, DreamerI90 said:

But what if I want to use NFC tags? Is there any way to do this?

Example: Leaving the office I bump a tag on my door frame and an ISY scene called "Coming Home" turns on the heat and lights.

You may ask Wes if any progress has been made in this NFC area: 


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