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gmail not working for notifications / network module

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See the subject line - has anyone else noticed this recently?  The ISY994 says "Mail Server Failure: password not accepted" when the ISY994 tries to send a text or e-mail using my gmail account.  The password has NOT changed in a long time.  This was working fine for years - I am thinking maybe Google is cracking down on non Google apps trying to log in?  Is there a fix for this?  By the way, I just received my Polisy and got my first Node Server working but I don't think it is related to this problem.  Thanks in advance for any info.


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39 minutes ago, jtsao said:

Thanks - it appears the "Use Default" option on the SMTP settings works - I can't recall why I went away from this a few years back - but for now I have a solution


That is what I am using. I got tired of Google changing their security styles and then making it appear as the user did something wrong, and gave up on them.

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