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AVRemote with Nvidia Shield


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Hi all -

I received my polisy yesterday and I'm enjoying getting to use many of the nodeservers that were not in polyglot cloud for the first time. I'm having an issue with AVRemote and hoping someone can help. I have it installed and configured it with the correct IP address and port for my nvidia shield. The nodes show up in the ISY but the logs show that it not not connecting successfully using adb. I'm seeing the message "No such file or directory: 'adb': 'adb'" as well as "[ERROR] Connection to 10.0.1.XXX:5555 failed". I have successfully connected to my shield using adb in the past using network resources. I believe there was a popup on the shield where I had to allow it to connect. I have killed that connection on my PC so I don't think that is causing interference but maybe I didn't do it right? Not sure. 

I'm also using the harmony hub nodeserver and I actually thought I'd be able to send basic playback commands there but it seems I can only start activities despite a node for my Nvidia shield showing up. Maybe I'm missing something there as well. Appreciate the help. Happy New Year,



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Shield (and android TV) is not very friendly to 3rd party development. It's different from other supported devices that only require network connection. Shield support requires "adb", which is development utility. It wouldn't be installed automatically and needs to be installed by hand using ssh or some such. Once you install adb it should start working. Feel free to PM me if you need more help.

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On 1/2/2020 at 1:50 PM, nathagt said:

Thanks for the reply, Can anyone walk me through how to install adb?

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Here are the steps to install add on polisy:

1. Get shell access to polisy. If you have linux or os x based system, you'd do:

ssh -ladmin polisy

If you have windows, you'd have to use something like putty. I can't help you there but you'd connect to polisy IP address and port 22 with username and password (admin/admin, if you haven't changed it).

2. Run the following commands:

sudo pkg update
sudo pkg install android-tools-adb

Once adb is installed, follow direction for enabling it on shield. You'd need to enable remote debugging and allow connection first time adb is trying to connect.

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