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Blinking Power Led


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My ISY994i that I have been using for many years has just stopped working. It cannot be accessed or found by any of the usual means.

I noticed that the blue "Power" LED is blinking.  Seems to be 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks, etc...  Does anyone know what this means?

I am going to check the power supply input when I can.  What voltage should it be?

Thanks, Eric

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The voltage  and current of the one you have now. Should be on a label on it.

When you test it. Make sure it is supplying some current. It is possible the no load voltage would be 5V but drop if loaded even with a very small load. Well below its rated output current.

Try a new power supply. We have seen a few messages here on the supply going bad. Including mine failing twice since I purchased mine in 2012. Flashing power LED is a good indication the supply has failed. The ISY994i has an internal voltage regulator.  As it could be powered by the old model 2412S PLM that supplied power through the RS232 port and was around 20VDC. I have seen mentioned here 5V-30V. I personally would not go over 12VDC. I used the ones from my older ISY99i and ISY26. One of mine was 5V 500mA and the other one 5V 1A. The  5V 1 Amp would have a better current margin over what the ISY994i is using. Especially if you have the Z Wave internal board.

Mine are 5.5mm Barrel X 2.1mm Center Pin connectors. + on  Center pin connector.


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The replacement power supply on UDI's website is 12V / 1 amp, for $9.50. Did not see exact match on Amazon (i.e., from UDI) but others may know of one that has exact tip. There are many that have selectable voltage and multiple tips for about $13-$14.

As I think about the importance of ISY at a remote property we own, I think I'll order an extra "official" PS just to have it around in case of failure. If someone knows of exact match from Amazon, please post.

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