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Vista 20P, Envisalink 4 & ISY994 is a NO GO


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I have a home that came with a Honeywell Vista 20P wireless security system. I like the idea of integrating the monitoring/controlling with the ISY. So I purchased an Envisalink 4 to l connect the system to the LAN. That part seemed pretty straight forward but . . .

Following the instructions, I drilled 3 holes for the standoff mounting clips, disconnected the power source, wired the Envisalink 4 onto the Vista 20P panel and reconnected the power & battery.  The system did not appear to power up completely.  Not only did the Envisalink card indicators show life but the entire panel acted weird. While the kepad was back lighted, pressing key would produce a beep but the system could not arm or do anything else. (sigh) 

Is the Envisalink 4 defective & DOA? Or is is possible I need a bigger power supply transformer? Or something else?

I disconnect the power, then removed the Envisalink wires and fortunately the system came back up & functions properly again.

I submitted a ticket with EyezON but after waiting a week, nothing! NO RESPONSE. Nada. I sent a reply to the acknowledgment email guaranteeing 24-hour response.  Still no response.

I am not sure I want anything to do with a company that is this unresponsive & not interested in helping customers.  I think I am to a point where returning this item to Amazon is my only choice20200226_133926_001_1.thumb.jpg.c07422127829b6e2b66226cdce6fe130.jpg!

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1 hour ago, bgrubb1 said:

there are several programming steps you need to do on the Vista panel to make it all work out  there is a guide on the site pointed to in the guide

I understood that.  In following the steps outlined as http//www.eyezon.com/EZMAIN/evl4honeywell.php , I could not get past step 3 on the top of the page.

        3. Confirm that the "LINK" LED is on solid on the EnvisaLink and wait 10 minutes and the "OPER" LED is flashing slowly

None of the lights on the Envisalink would light up and it seemed the card was "shorting" out the functionality of the Vista 20P panel & keypad.  So much for programming anything at this point.  I also triple & quadruple checked my wire connections. Thankfully, after removing the connections, there doesn't appear to be any damage to the panel's functionality.

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I did get a response from EyezON customer support but it somehow was thrown out with the SPAM mail. 

Since that got sorted, they have been very responsive and after a couple iterations of measuring continuity and voltages then testing, I think the conclusion is I received a "bad" board.  Hopefully, they'll send a replacement soon that will work.

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