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ISY+Alexa issue

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I am setting up an ISY994i PRO in an existing Insteon network. I set up the ISY per the wiki instructions and had no issues (all my device were found and the links looked good). I also have Hue lights. I added the hue lights as Network Resources following a guide, and wrote a simple program to turn a hue bulb on and off using an Insteon dimmer switch, and this also works. I then added my Echo to the system, and added the dimmer switch as a device in the Portal so I could control it with Alexa.

Here is my issue: when I turn the switch on and off using voice commands, the switch indicator lights move to on and off, so I know it is working, but the ISY is not updating with the status change of the switch, and therefore not turning the light on and off via the program.  So in summary:

Switch works when used manually

Switch does not work when operated remotely because ISY does not see the change in status.

Can anyone offer any insight? I'm a new ISY user (day 1!) so I apologize if this is an obvious issue.

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You have multiple choices of how to get Alexa to turn on the light. 

1) program... the hardest way, but allows for other non light related things to happen, or multiple lights

2) Device: device directly. 

3) Scene: if you have multiple devices you want to control with one voice command

But yes if you want a program to change the status of the switch you need to "control" it..... Status is simple a way for the ISY to see what state the device is in and to trigger an event / program if that status changes ie, manually clicking the switch. It can get confusing sometimes, and just wait until you are using them together to verify certain actions. 

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